Jaguar Transmission Repair

Transmission Service at Jaguar Troy

When it comes to routine maintenance, taking care of your vehicle's transmission ought to be a high priority. The service center here at Jaguar Troy is your partner for proper transmission maintenance and repairs.

Your vehicle's transmission plays a critical role in delivering power to the wheels, transferring energy produced in the engine on to the driveline. Just like anything else, transmissions need periodic servicing to ensure long-term performance.

Jaguar Troy near Bloomfield and Royal Oak is ready to help you with those services.

Transmission Fluid Service

Automatic and manual transmissions alike depend on fluids for proper lubrication and functionality. Whether it's automatic transmission fluid (ATF) or gear oil used in manual units, these fluids need to be drained and replaced at regular intervals. It's one of the most important services you can complete when it comes to transmission care. Most manufacturers recommend transmission fluid services between 50,000 and 100,000 miles.

Transmission Diagnostics

If you've noticed a problem with your transmission's performance, bring it in for a diagnosis appointment. Our Jaguar technicians can open up the transmission and look for problems like worn or broken components. We can then address the problem with the appropriate repairs.

Transmission Rebuild

Major transmission problems may require a rebuild process. Rebuilding a transmission means taking it apart, cleaning the components, replacing broken parts, putting it all back together, and re-installing the transmission. This process can get your transmission back to proper working condition and helps you avoid the cost of purchasing a whole new unit.

Schedule Transmission Service at Our Shop Near Birmingham

Contact our staff here at Jaguar Troy to learn more about transmission service or to schedule an appointment. We can give you helpful information and get you into a time slot that's convenient for your schedule.