Spring Maintenance: Jaguar Troy Service Center is Ready to Help

Jaguar Troy is here to provide the services that your car needs this spring.

Spring is a time for change in Michigan, and for drivers that often means changing the way they take care of their vehicles. Winter driving can be arduous, after all, and many cars need help recovering come spring.

We offer a range of services near Birmingham that are aimed at getting vehicles ready for spring. Our Jaguar service team is dedicated to keeping your vehicle as road worthy as ever with effective, timely spring maintenance.

Tire Care

Tire care is near the top of the list for springtime maintenance. It's crucial to make sure the tires on your vehicle are maintained properly. Doing so ensures proper performance, safety, and even comfort for you and your passengers.

The first thing many drivers do when spring arrives is check their tire pressure. Temperature fluctuations can often affect tire pressure, which can then necessitate a pressure adjustment. Fortunately, this is a fairly simple task that the technicians at Jaguar Troy can easily address.

Your technician may also want to perform a tire rotation or wheel alignment. These services can prevent your tires from wearing too quickly.

Finally, you may need to change your tires when spring comes. Whether your tires are worn out or you need to change from a winter set to a summer set, we can help.

Engine and Fluid Services

It's important to look under the hood of your vehicle when spring arrives as well. Our technicians will conduct a visual inspection to make sure everything is in order.

If needed, our team can provide a springtime oil change. They'll drain out the old oil, fit a new filter, and refill with fresh oil that's ready for warm temperatures.

Coolant flushes are commonplace during spring as well. Replacing old coolant with fresh fluid helps to make sure that your car's engine can properly maintain its temperature during spring and summer.

If you haven't had your battery tested in a while, now is a good time to do so. A battery test can reveal whether you need to have a new one installed. No one wants to end up with a dead car battery, after all.

Finally, we recommend having your engine air filter replaced. Doing so ensures good power delivery and engine efficiency.

Basic Post-Winter Maintenance

There are a few services we recommend to help your car recover from the stresses of winter. These basic tasks can make a big difference in your experience behind the wheel.

Getting vehicles clean is a top priority for many drivers near Bloomfield and Royal Oak. Winter conditions can get a car or SUV dirty in no time and make it difficult to keep it clean for months. When spring arrives, a good car wash and wax can do the trick. We even recommend a detail service to truly get a vehicle as clean as possible.

Installing new wiper blades can save you from a headache as well. Ice, snow, and other winter conditions have a way of wearing out wiper blades prematurely. You'll want to have a new set installed so you can see during spring rainstorms.

Plan Your Appointment

Spring maintenance is available now at Jaguar Troy. Contact our service center staff to plan your appointment and set up your premium concierge pickup and delivery. We'll work with you to make the experience as convenient as possible.


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