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New Jaguars Get a New Classification in 2018

We're sure your familiar with the previous classification of models on Jaguar models, and our new naming scheme is easier than ever to understand. With a commitment to creating a full line-up of electrified models, updating the powertrain classification was necessary.

Previously, Jaguar models were designated by a number followed by a letter, like "30d". The number was in reference to the engine displacement, so a "30" means a 3.0L engine. The Letter designated the fuel type on that model.

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Breaking Down the Real Cost of Vehicle Ownership

What is the actual cost of owning a vehicle? It turns out that cost is much more than just the price tag or sale price you see at a dealership. Owning a vehicle entails a lot of additional expenses besides the monthly loan or lease payment. Here are just some of the additional expenses you will have when you decide to get a vehicle in the Troy, MI area:

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