Do you need expert auto service but don't want to pay for all the costs at once? By choosing service financing with us, you can pay off service costs on your time and create your payment plan online. We are proud to help drivers find affordable, transparent service financing with Sunbit. With only a few simple steps, you can create a payment plan that suits your lifestyle and budget from the comfort of your home.

Find out if service financing is right for you.

Why Choose Service Financing?

Service financing is an excellent option for drivers who want more flexibility in paying for auto service and repair. We understand that service costs can add up quickly, but with our service financing, you can pay back service on a flexible schedule without putting off needed service. Delaying service can just cause more issues in the future that cost even more.

Service financing makes it possible to keep up to date with your service schedule without breaking the bank.

How Does Service Financing Work?

Over 90 percent of those who apply for service financing are approved. By financing with Sunbit, you can complete your application in just 30 seconds. All it takes is to confirm your financial history and profile, such as your creditworthiness. You will discover that service financing through Sunbit is much more intuitive and less time-consuming than applying for most loans.

You will have the option of choosing between three-, six-, and twelve-month flexible payment plans to find the option that best suits you. Even after your choice, you're not locked in and can adjust your payments, view activity, and pay off early.

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