Transmission service is an important part of any car's long-term maintenance plan. Even the precision-engineered vehicles from Jaguar require timely transmission care to ensure long-term performance.

Transmission maintenance can be among the more demanding services, requiring in-depth knowledge and experience on the part of the technician. Fortunately, our staff here at Jaguar Troy are more than qualified to take on the challenge.

Transmission Fluid Flush and Replacement: Automatic transmission fluid is crucially important for proper functionality. Unfortunately, time and use can break down this fluid and diminish its effectiveness. That's why Jaguar recommends a transmission fluid flush and replacement service for each of its models. Mileage intervals for this service can vary, so we recommend consulting your technician.

Transmission Diagnosis: If you think your transmission is behaving oddly, it's important to bring it in for diagnostics. A qualified technician can identify problems and provide an effective solution before more serious damage occurs.

Transmission Rebuild: Higher mileage transmissions sometimes need to be rebuilt. This process removes and tears down the transmission for cleaning and reconditioning. Once it's rebuilt and re-installed, it will be ready to drive. Rebuilding a transmission is often more affordable than buying a new unit entirely.

If you have questions about transmission services available at Jaguar Troy, be sure to reach out to our staff. We can help you understand the importance of the services and when your vehicle may need transmission maintenance.

Our service center offers much more than just transmission maintenance and repairs, however. We're your partner for long-term Jaguar maintenance in all aspects. From oil changes to wheel alignments, our team of Jaguar service experts has what it takes to keep your vehicle running flawlessly. Schedule your next appointment today -- we'll be ready to get to work on your vehicle.

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