Of all the components that contribute to performance in Jaguar cars and trucks, few have the kind of impact that tires make. From acceleration and handling to stopping power and overall safety, tires significantly affect how your vehicle performs.

Changing your tires can have a big impact on performance as well. There are a few reasons that you may want to consider switching to a new set for your vehicle.

  1. Wear and Tear: Natural wear and tear occurs with tires of all kinds. At a certain point, the tread on your tires will be worn to the point that performance starts to diminish. This may create unsafe driving conditions. The best thing to do is keep an eye on tire wear over time and change over to a new set before the tread gets too low.
  2. Age: Tires can become unsafe after a few years due to factors like dry rot. It's commonly recommended to change your tires after about six years of use, though this can vary by climate and use. You can find your tires' original manufacture date printed on the sidewall.
  3. Performance Preference: If you're not getting the handling or comfort that you want from your vehicle, changing tires can be a quick fix. You can work with a tire expert to pick a set that best compliments your performance preferences.
  4. Change of Seasons: Seasonal variations can drastically affect tire performance. While many drivers opt for the versatility of all-season tires, others choose to switch between summer and winter tires. This can yield better performance in each respective season.

Contact Jaguar Troy if you're ready to change the tires on your vehicle. Our service technicians can install a new set in no time.

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