The original Jaguar E-Type has been hailed by journalists, enthusiasts, and motorsport professionals alike as one of the best-looking cars ever produced. The 1960s British automotive icon has proved its staying power, gaining a place among the world's most sought-after classic cars.

While Jaguar won't be resurrecting the E-Type for its new lineup, it's still making efforts to support the thriving enthusiast communities around remaining examples. The latest effort comes from Jaguar Classic, which is now offering brand-new versions of the original Jaguar E-Type Tool Kit.

The original E-Type tool kit came standard along with the sports car itself, giving owners the means to perform regular maintenance on their own with OEM Jaguar materials. Kits included a wide variety of tools like a grease gun, spark plug spanner, tire pressure gauge, pliers, and more. Over the years, the kits have become coveted collectors' items themselves.

Now, Jaguar enthusiasts can purchase new versions of the E-Type tool kit produced with the exact materials and specifications as the originals. These kits come in a traditional leatherette-covered canvas roll, just like the originals.

Whether you're an original E-Type owner looking to complete your restoration or a casual Jaguar enthusiast who's interested in the brand's history, the E-Type tool is a great way to further embrace your automotive hobby. You can order yours directly from the Jaguar Land Rover Classic parts website.

The parts department at Jaguar Troy is happy to answer any questions you may have about the E-Type Parts Kit. We can also help you get a hold of a wide variety of other parts and accessories for your Jaguar.

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