Jaguar Introduces New 2020 XE with Lifelike Artist Rendering

There's a new XE sedan out for 2020, and Jaguar has come up with quite the creative way to debut the redesigned model.

Rather than using a typical press package of photos and descriptions, Jaguar partnered with artist Howard Lee. Together they developed three hyper-real paintings that show the new design in minute detail. In total, the pieces took Lee more than 140 hours to complete.

The result? Paintings which are so detailed that they're hard to distinguish them from the actual XE photos.

"I've drawn everything from hyper-real clothing and food, but this is the first time I've drawn a car," Lee said. "The new Jaguar XE has these pure lines and perfectly judged proportions which were really enjoyable to recreate. They really bring this car to life, even when it is just static on a piece of paper."

Learn About the 2020 XE at Jaguar Troy

A refresh cycle has arrived for the new XE in 2020, and you can see the changes for yourself at Jaguar Troy.

Rather than a complete redesign, Jaguar has opted to update a variety of aspects of the 2020 XE lightly. For instance, the new XE sports a touched-up fascia with thinner headlamp frames and reworked rear bumpers. New interior materials and enhanced storage solutions make the cabin an even better place to spend time.

We welcome you to stop by Jaguar Troy to see the 2020 XE for yourself. You'll love the sport sedan's precise handling, enthusiastic powertrains, and striking good looks.

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