Kick Range Anxiety with the New I-PACE All-Electric Performance SUV

Jaguar is one of the most recent auto makers to dip its toes into the electric vehicle market with the introduction of its new performance SUV, the I-PACE. This new and exciting model brings together the versatility and convenience of SUV design with the low-emission technology and torquey performance of electric power. And yet, the I-PACE has another trick up its sleeve.

A common concern among electric-vehicle shoppers is range anxiety. That is, the fear that an electric vehicle won't have the range to handle road trips or the ability to go far between charges. Luckily, Jaguar has taken care of that problem in the I-PACE. Its advanced battery and power delivery systems allow it to go up to 240 miles on a single charge. Plus, it can charge quickly. The I-PACE can go from a zero to 80 percent charged in just 85 minutes with a 50 kW DC rapid charger.

The reward of choosing the I-PACE? You'll have a zero-emission vehicle that delivers all the power, performance, and refinement one expects from a Jaguar model. On one hand, the I-PACE delivers exciting performance with a zero to 60 mph time of 4.5 seconds. On the other hand, it offers a true luxury SUV experience with premium materials and advanced technology. Stop by Jaguar Troy to see for yourself how the I-PACE is a game changer in the electric vehicle market.

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