What Are the Benefits of an Independent Suspension Setup in the Jaguar E-PACE?

Inside and out, the new Jaguar in E-PACE defies expectations for SUVs. It's a refined vehicle that's equally suited for spirited performance as it is for daily practicality. Among its many departures from SUV convention, one of the most significant in the E-PACE is its application of independent suspension. So, what's the big deal?

Traditionally, many SUVs have shied away from independent suspension in favor of solid axles. While this can have some utilitarian benefits, it can also diminish handling and ride quality. That's why many modern SUVs, including the new E-PACE, have turned to independent suspension setups.

The primary benefit of independent suspension in the E-PACE is it allows each wheel to move un-impeded by the movement of the others. If one wheel hits a bump or pot hole, it can move up and down freely without causing a jarring jump in the other wheel. The benefits are twofold: you'll have a smoother ride and better confidence around corners. However, Jaguar didn't stop there in pursuing excellent ride quality and handling in the E-PACE. Available all-wheel drive can move power between the front and rear axle to improve grip according to the situation.

We at Jaguar Troy are happy to fill you in on many of the other exciting features available in the new E-PACE. If you're interested in the small SUV, be sure to stop by and see it for yourself. We'll even take you out for a test drive.

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