Keeping Your Vehicle's Fuel Tank Full Through The Winter Is Good For Your Engine

There have long been two ways people operate their vehicles; keeping the fuel tank nearly empty to keep the weight down or keeping it nearly full for better fuel efficiency. Both of these paths have their perks but ultimately keeping your fuel tank full is the optimal way to run your vehicle, especially in the winter months.

Keeping your fuel tank nearly empty causes a great deal of empty space which gets taken up by air. While it may seem harmless, the empty air is not empty at all and actually contains water vapors which will gather on the walls of the fuel tank, potentially causing rust if they are made from metal.

This water will also gather and sink down to the bottom of the fuel tank, water is heavier than fuel, and can then enter into the fuel lines which will dilute the fuel or even freeze in the winter, causing a complete catastrophe. Make sure your vehicle is ready to go for this winter. Bring it into Jaguar of Troy to give it the care it deserves.

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