The New 2018 Jaguar E-PACE Performance SUV Draws Inspiration from Many Places

Jaguar enthusiasts in Michigan have much to celebrate. Last month, the all-new Jaguar E-PACE debuted just a few miles away at The Art of Performance Tour in Novi. If you missed the showcase, you'll soon get a chance to test drive it when it arrives at Jaguar Troy next year.

A Compact Performance SUV with Inspired Design

The new E-PACE breathes life into the compact SUV segment by delivering sporty performance and bespoke design. Ian Callum, Jaguar Director of Design, reveals just a few places he drew from for inspiration.

  • The Jaguar F-TYPE. From the cockpit-like driver's seat to the headlight details, the E-PACE takes its styling cues straight from Jaguar's racing cars.
  • Chicanes. Deepening the connection to motorsports, the E-PACE uses sweeping lines sculpted into the body, dash, and taillights inspired by chicanes on a racing circuit.
  • The cub. To highlight the compact model's baby-animal appeal, the design team incorporated neotenous features like big headlights and wheels, emulating the oversized eyes and paws of a jaguar cub.
  • Camera lenses. The tactile pleasure of manipulating an SLR camera lens is incorporated into the rotary dials in the Jaguar E-PACE. Every time you adjust the climate control, you'll relive capturing that perfect shot.

"The Jaguar E-PACE offers the perfect balance between performance, luxury and playfulness, bringing a unique sense of expression to the compact SUV market," said Callum. "As we continue to expand our Jaguar vehicle portfolio, consumers can expect to have access to new levels of design, performance and engineering across our SUVs, sedans and sports cars."

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