Breaking Down the Real Cost of Vehicle Ownership

What is the actual cost of owning a vehicle? It turns out that cost is much more than just the price tag or sale price you see at a dealership. Owning a vehicle entails a lot of additional expenses besides the monthly loan or lease payment. Here are just some of the additional expenses you will have when you decide to get a vehicle in the Troy, MI area:

Gasoline is essential to the operation of your car. If you don't gas your car up, it won't move and do you any good. Car insurance is mandatory under the law. You will have to insure your vehicle and pay for getting that insurance. Fuel and insurance are not the only additional costs you will have though. You will have to maintain your vehicle with periodic oil changes, tire changes and repairs that will inevitably arise.

Learn more about the cost of owning a vehicle by contacting or visiting Jaguar of Troy. Our staff will be happy to discuss the costs and responsibilities of owning a vehicle!

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