Luxury Meets Practicality for Pet Owners in Troy, MI

We know Jaguar lovers love their pets, so we are making it easier to combine your two loves. With the available Pet Pack from Jaguar, you can keep your luxurious interior protected from the messier parts of pet ownership.

Our pets paw prints are certainly cute, but that doesn't mean your dog should create its own Jackson Pollock inspired masterpiece on the back seat. Whether your furry friend loves to dig in the mud, play fetch on a sandy beach, or seems to shed more than you ever thought possible, the Pet Pack will protect your Jaguar from harm. The luggage compartment partition safely contains your pet to the rear cargo area, protecting not only them, but you and your seats.

Choose from a rubber floor mat or a rigid liner tray for the rear cargo area to protect the carpeting. Each waterproof tray is easily removed for quick cleaning. The raised sidewalls of each mat contain any moisture so when your pup decides to bring a bit of mud home from your adventure, you don't have to worry about your carpeting.

Add the Pet Pack to your new Jaguar and enjoy being able to bring your four-legged family members with you wherever you go, in style. Contact us today to see how the Pet Pack can make your life with dogs that much better.

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