Keep Your Car Mess Free When Transporting Food

When you are trying to transport food from your home to an event, a few precautions can help keep your car clean. If you want to bring your favorite dish to a family party, at Jaguar Troy, we understand the importance of keeping your car mess free.

Pack your food carefully. Use plenty of old towels to keep your food warm. Use a cardboard box to keep the food stable, while using towels to brace the food and prevent it from tipping over.

Don't drive too fast. If you are going a short distance, avoid sharp corners. Have a passenger watch the food for you to make sure it doesn't spill on the ride.

Avoid using weak or temporary lids. Tin foil and plastic wrap are not going to prevent a spill if your container tips over in the car.

Enjoy the holidays this season, and remember to transport that food carefully.
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