Should You Use Salt or Sand to Gain Traction for Your Vehicle?

As it gets colder vehicle owners may find themselves in a situation where their car is stuck in snow, ice or a slushy element and will need something to help them gain traction. Two of the more common things people use to gain traction is salt and sand, and that's why we here at Jaguar Troy in Troy, MI, would like to run through the differences of these two materials for you.

If the temperature is high enough, salt can help melt the snow or ice around your vehicle helping it to gain traction. The downfall is that when there is slush keeping your vehicle from moving it can dissolve almost instantly and just create more slush. Sand, on the other hand, will not help melt snow or ice but although it will not dissolve, it will provide valuable traction for a far lower price than rock salt. If you have any more questions about gaining traction in your vehicle give us a call at Jaguar Troy located in Troy, MI, today!

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